Do you have questions?

1. What is your artistic style or approach?

As an abstract artist, I have two distinct, but in a way complementary styles: One characterized by nude tones that evoke feelings of earth, nature, and calmness, while the other is vibrant and explosive, representing joy and happiness.

2. What type of materials and techniques do you use in your artwork?

I utilize acrylic paint, natural materials, and structural pastes on canvas to create my works.

3. How long does it take to create a piece of artwork?

As I usually work on several artworks simultaneously, it takes roughly two to three weeks to create one piece of art.

4. Do you accept commissions or custom orders? If so, what is your process?

Yes, I do! I enjoy creating artworks jointly with my customers in my current style of art and colors, with a unique twist tailored to the individual taste and vision of my customer. Find more information in my commissions section.

5. How do you price your artwork?

I price my artworks based on the cost of materials and time spent creating them, while keeping my mission of making art affordable for everyone in mind. Therefore, my artworks are priced within a medium price segment between 350 and 600 euros and include a certificate of authenticity along with the artwork.

6. Do you offer shipping or local pickup options?

I am very happy to welcome you in my studio in Nürnberg, Bavaria, if you would like to pickup your artwork. Otherwise, worldwide shipping is offered, depending on the size of the artwork and the location of the customer. 
    • Shipping within Germany: 39 EUR
    • Shipping within EU: 49 EUR

International shipping is offered, as well. As prices vary strongly depending on location and provider, I suggest you get in contact with me, so we can find the best solution.

Paintings will be shipped within two to three weeks.

7. How can I contact you with additional questions or inquiries?

Feel free to contact me via e-mail, the contact form or instagram. Happy to hear from you!